common sense could change your day...


common sense could change your day...

common sense could change your day
common sense could save you some money
common sense could aid in avoiding a long list of inconveniences
common sense could save someone's life

the other morning I went into work late
had to stay late so it worked out so that I could arrive late
wanted to go for a run in the woods with the dog
but driving the boys to school sounded like a better option
so lisa handled the black dog brutus while I handled the boys

after dropping the boys off at school I came up empty in my effort to multi-task
as it turns out Hudson Trail Outfitters does not open until ten am
so I headed back home without new trail running shoes... and without being able to return the christmas present jersey that is one size too small

when I got back home I offered breakfast at Tryst or the Diner as an option to lisa
she was tempted... but she did not think she had time with all the things she needed to do before she picked Dean up from a half day of school
as lisa stepped out the door she asked if I could drop off some baby gear that we no longer need at a neighboring day care center

although I had not looked forward to it
it was something that needed to be done
it felt good to shed that shit
when I left from the day care center and my house was free of all that plastic stuff that I have been tripping over in the basement
well... I felt good doing the right thing

with this odd gap of time I decided to grab some boxes from work and drop them off at Dean's school
over the past many months I had been collecting boxes for the teacher of Dean's class
I had intended to grab them the following Monday for drop off the following morning
but the window of opportunity seemed better at that moment

as I took Rock Creek Parkway to my office downtown I watched from a perspective I do not normally get to see
that perspective from behind the wheel of a car

the near accidents were at every turn
people did idiotic things that put themselves and others at risk
the actions of the driver's around me showed ignorance and lack of foresight
knowing that people do not always behave as they should
I entered the right lane as I approached an odd on ramp that feeds in from the left

as I passed this interesting on ramp on Rock Creek Parkway I looked to see if someone was going to run the stop sign or rush the gap
right before my eyes the second car in the queue lunged forward
the small silver Scion crumpled when it smashed into the tail end of the massive SUV

the airbag was deployed
many people were inconvenienced... some more than others
accidents happen... somethings can be avoided
for some this was an expensive morning

everyday people rush around in a panic
getting no where any faster
the flurry of energy does not aid in efficiency
it just compounds with the anxiety and tension of the day

people need to slow down
people need to chill out
a little common sense could save some time, some money, and some inconvenience
as well as avoid the worst case scenario

people could slow down from the second they get into their cars
everyone knows that it is important to let the engine warm up before driving
but nobody waits for that requisite 30-60 seconds
no... people just slap their ass in the seat and step on the gas
allowing themselves to get caught up in the energy from second one

it that same driver slowed things down
turned on the engine... put on their seat belt... found that right station with the right volume... checked on all passengers and their seat belts before they pull forward
well... they could start their driving experience with a more placid presence

then as they move about the city
if they could replace efficiency with high speed
well... that would be fantastic
ironically... fast driving does not get anyone anywhere any quicker
it is efficiency


fridrix said...

Nice post. The last I heard, you don't need to let cars warm up, however. I just jump in and go, albeit placidly so.

gwadzilla said...

I will have to consult Click And Clack on the need to allow the car to warm up

it was my understanding that the oild needs to warm up before it circulates

having the car run without proper lubrication

Anonymous said...

Yes, nice post. "Make haste slowly."

Hey, thanks for looking at my blog. Your comments made me take another look at yours. It's good to know other like minded people are out there. If this bike blog thing takes off any more we may be in the majority some day. Some day when the oil is gone.