dad and the boys go to baltimore for the day

sunday lisa had some ladies and some babies coming over for brunch
it was to be a gathering of ladies and babies

ladies and babies?

the men evacuated
we piled in the Element and drove north on 95 to the Inner Harbor of Baltimore to take advantage of our Aquarium membership

as I drove I fed the boys
cold pizza and warm apple juice boxes were passed to the small hands in the back seats as I steered our car safely towards Baltimore

we arrive to a sun lit winter day and a shockingly uncrowded Aquarium
maybe we timed it perfectly to arrive just as the Dolphin Show was starting

cause I have never experience things this uncrowded on any day other than member's day
the absence of the usual cluster of people allowed for a more relaxed view of the exhibits as well as more room to run

it was the standard routine
my boys were running and climbing

we all took it in

I quizzed the boys and the boys quizzed me

always trying to be accurate as to whether it is an alligator or a caymen
the one question that stumped me the most was when Dean asked if the fish were happy in the aquarium versus in the wild
I answered that I felt that fish do not think thoughts of happy or sad
they are more simple than that
making mention that the simulated environment is enough mimic their life in nature to keep them comfortable
then went on to mention that the more highly developed animals like some of the animals at the zoo may not be so happy with their lives in captivity
I do not know the answers
and I do have these same questions

the sharks and the rays are always the highlight

but the ramp at the end steals the boy's attention from the shark filled tanks that surround this sloping path

we raced through the aquarium then around the harbor
once quick tour of the deck of a Coast Guard vessel then some Chinese Food before the drive back down to DC

we arrived back with a house still filled with ladies and babies

the boys moved shyly away from the estrogen

in an effort to keep things fun I pulled out the Nerf guns and enticed one of the more sporty guests to play along
then when the buzz of the dart gun battles ended I grabbed the Stomp Rocket and lured the boys outside

it was a good day
a good day for dad
a good day for the boys

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