days off...

the week started off strong... went running for an hour before work on Monday then on Tuesday after I dropped the boys off at school I weighed the scales of a short ride after short walk with the dog or a run with the dog then straight into work after dropping the boys off at school I drove home and climbed back into bed some sort of bug all sorts of tired all sorts of sick was barely able to make it through the work day got home and got horizontal was in bed from the time I got home till the time I had to go to work the next morning no dinner as dinner would have raced through me I woke every thirty minutes to readjust my situation in bed trying to find the least painful achy position and of course... there were a number of sprints to the bathroom some false alarms... but better safe than sorry this morning I was feeling pretty good lisa was out of the house and I was awake and dressed enough to take a short run with the dog the short run is really just a little longer duration that the standard walk except I am running rather than walking I left out with my running shoes on felt real good for the first hundred steps then realized I still did not have the energy for exercise there had been a day of recovery tucked in there but I was not fully recovered rode my bike after a walk with the dog since there was no run or no long walk after did some rogue trail maintenance I hung the bird feeder then took a few block detour into work on the bike the karate monkey single was creaking a little less after a massive allen key to the crank bolts the rear sprocket is crying out to be replaced it is hard to tork the machine because of all the noise it makes like fingers on the chalk board tomorrow is friday hopefully this weekend I will have the energy and the time to get out on the bike today the earth was frozen enough for some time in the woods on the bike lets see what the weekend presents calf stretches calf streches and other strech videos parkour move video

which has me on bunny hop videos

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