Delgado es el Diablo!


someone buy me a plane ticket to Spain so I can punch this JOKER in the nose.

Salsa Delgado


ridethewomble said...


In the "something is better than nothing" department, this evil #$%@ has dropped his case. Eniatz Trinidad's parents said:

... the driver’s decision to withdraw his claim for damages against them is a ‘first victory’ and they will not give up their efforts for a criminal case into their son’s death to be opened.

Don't go feeling all warm and happy about humanity, though. The driver's attorney said he'd withdrawn his claim:

...because of harassment and the treatment he had received in the media.

So, yeah. The guy still thinks it's everyone else's fault. There's a reserved spot in Hell for you, champ.

I haven't done the work of sourcing the article. I copied the quotes from Typically Spanish after employing the Power of Google.

I wish his parents the best of luck on those criminal charges.

gwadzilla said...

thats for the full update

there may never be justice in this situation
not in this world or the next world
if there is a world after this

my heart goes out to this family

I hope they find peace in the loss of their son
my eyes well with tears
as a father
I feel that family's pain
I pray that no such tragedy ever touches me or anyone close to me

to think
if we all just slowed down
there would not be this out pouring of tears