don't know a knot... tie a lot!

I am not much for knots
with knots I do not go much further than tying my shoes
no... I am not much of a boy scout
was never a scout... not even a cub scout

I went to St Mary's College of Maryland
St. Mary's College and Resort as we used to call it
freshman year was a bit more like Camp Itchy Owie than MIT
I was introduced to new things like lacrosse and windsurfing
while given time to do things that I loved like skateboarding and soccer

windsurfing was a hoot, a tad confusing to someone who had never done much sailing in their life
yet a hoot just the same

there was this girl that I had a slight crush on.... she would invite me to go windsurfing with her

the relationship was mutualistic
she wanted someone at the beginner level to go windsurfing with
I needed someone to teach me how to rig my sail

this relationship extended to my motorcycle

she wanted to ride motorcycles... I wanted to hang out with her
we would go for these rides out to Point Lookout on my Suzuki sport bike
the relationship never went beyond windsurfing and motorcycles
I still enjoyed our friendship

even if I never got the goods
I accepted that friendship was all was being offered
so I just enjoyed our friendship

this morning as I hung a bird feeder from a tree limb in my front yard I went to go tie a knot
without thinking I tied a knot that I used to rig my sail for windsurfing

I laughed to myself
I laughed to myself because it may not have been the most appropriate knot for the task, I laughed because I can not tie knots for shit, and I laughed because of my pursuit of this girl
the girl who like windsurfers, motorcycles, but not me

since these times we have both tied the knot
not with each other
married all the same

she and I are still friends
I enjoyed being her friend then

I enjoy being her friend now
sometimes being friends is enough

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