Fatmarc's New Year's Revolutions

I have no real new year's resolutions
other than writing things down

writing things down is my new year's resolution

writing things down and making things happen
like a things to do list
but it is the task of writing things down that is my only resolution
everything else is a byproduct of that one resolution

make myself accountable
then call myself on my own shit

I have had mental lists before
but I have never written then down
writing things down will be my action
a list of actions
not a list of ideas

fatmarc had an impressive year in 2007
I am sure that he has a private list of resolutions in addition to this list of NEW YEAR'S REVOLUTIONS on fatmarc.com

one question...
what about question #5
why does it have to be all or none?

oh... and the tie thing
I feel you should go to more functions that people wear ties
then wear what makes you comfortable while also appropriate

that image is the cover of velo photos
I will chase this gwadzilla archive for the address
it is another classic image by Kevin Dillard


fatmarc said...

you're right doesn't need to be one or the other, I just have no drive to ride my single speed mtb. Maybe at somepoint in the year that will change, but knowing myself, I go through phases it likely won't.

sometimes it's fun to wear a shirt and tie to functions when it is completly inappropriate. Although it's also fun to get dressed up and go out with the monkey.

thanks for the props on my year.
I surely had the cross season of a lifetime, the goal as always will be to continue to improve


gwadzilla said...

yes it is fun to get dressed up like adults and mix and mingle with people other than cyclists