looking at that old vinyl the other day has me scanning the web

listened to some Minor Threat on myspace
not sure who maintains these unofficial tribute sites
then moved to Minor Threat on YOUTUBE

the music
the ideas
can something be before its time and timeless?

like dc teen age hardcore version of the beatles
this was not just one creative mind
this was a gathering of talented musicians

I do not think I knew that Steve Hansgen was in Minor Threat until I saw Another State of Mind
when I saw this film at some random theater in Georgetown... I was seated beside Steve
weird... embarrassing... whatever...


ryand said...

If you are interested in getting back into vinyl, Orpheus Records is closing and I have heard rumors of super sales going on.

gwadzilla said...


I can buy back all the records I sold to Orpheus when I was in high school

it was a cool shop in Georgetown

but no shop was cooler than Choice Cuts in Bethesda
if you knew the secret handshake you could buy bootlegs on vinyl!