a fly on the wall...

a fly on the wall...

everyone has a story
it is interesting
everyone has a story

it is just that some people have a more interesting story
while others are just better at telling stories

there are certain things that give people a story
each and every person who has ever climbed
Everest has a story to tell
it is their Everest story
just as every person who has ever run a marathon has a story to tell
whether that story is
from the perspective of a the top women finisher who just gave birth to a beautiful baby just nine months prior
or it that person has the ambition to simply complete that 26.2 mile journey

mountain biking is no different
each ride can have the tale of the trail
while each race may have the story potential for years and years of campfires to come

the Single Speed World Championships create a list of stories for so many cyclists
with the SSWC 08 in NAPA the stories are already starting
last night would have been a good time to start pushing record for those that would be
considering creating a documentary on the topic of the 2008 Single Speed World Championships

all over the country and all over the world at 12 AM Pacific Standard Time there were people at their computers logging on so that they could register for the 2008 Single Speed World Championships

who were these people?

what are their ambitions?

that is the story
the story has just begun
it is 2008 and the story is unfolding in front of us
I sent in my registration
I look forward to riding and racing the 2008 SSWC
in that effort I hope to compile some
wonderful memories and some excellent stories

Bill Savage created a fantastic film about the innovation of the mountain bike, Klunkerz

Klunkerz is a film well worth seeing again and again
I give this film TWO THUMB SHIFTERS UP!

other films of inspiration are Roam, Off Road to Athens, and 24 Sol0


I wonder if FATMARC is interested in the SSWC08 event?
I am certain that the Single Speed Outlaws will be representing... but who?

what about Tim Faia? is blog has gone haywire!
the list goes on...
where is that fly on the wall to tell all?


Arleigh said...

I was one of those folks signing up at 3am our time.

Icon O. Classt said...

Hah, don't know if you got to register, but I registered you anyway, since I had your email. Well, I fired off an email with your info on it anyway--who knows who will get in.

You have blue eyes whether you like it or not; oh, and I used my cell phone number.

Sorry I didn't ring you up later in the evening; it was one of those kinds of parties...

gwadzilla said...

I saw that you are one of the authors on Blue Colar MTB
how is the south treating you?


thanks for registering me
hope that does not confuse the system
guess we will know in 7-10 days