the franken fixie

sometime last spring I broke my franken fixie
it was no great tragedy
it was no great loss

the fixie is not my main bike
the fixie is not my second nature
the fixie is just something that happens from time to time
the fixie is certainly not an off road thing for me
the fixie is just a bike for cruising and taking it easy

the fixie is a different ride on the same roads

today I took advantage of some warm weather and some free time by spray painting my this 30 year old Colnago

the frame was broken last spring
then late this fall I dropped the bike off at Max's house
Max has been working on becoming a frame builder
the project was perfect
Max needed an excuse to test his skills
I needed someone to fix my bike on the cheap
we agreed that if things did not work out that there was no great loss

a few days before Max left town for the wild west I stopped by and grabbed my repaired frame
it looked pretty solid

max really approached things with the actions of a master craftsman

fantastic attention to detail

so today I grabbed some tools out of the basement
got the frame out of the garage
taped the bike up in a minute
then hung the frame from the telephone pole in the alley

after no more than a few swipes of a wire brush on the frame and I was applying paint
the fork got some silver
the frame got some red
the chain got some red

it looks like the freshly painted silver fork got some red

and I am certain that the taped Campy components got some red too

an awesome ghetto paint job
a paint job that will look perfect from 15 feet on a dark night

I am stoked

the paint job was more about covering the freshly welded areas

to my displeasure water slowly dripped out of the frame and made my imperfect paint job even less perfect


camps said...

you're not going to show us the paint job?
Where did Max go?

MaggieMPBP said...

Max has been lured west to the Rocky Mountains...