a good day... a full day... a done day

it was a good day
it was a full day
now it is a done day

stick a fork in me
I am done

not a bad day
woke up slow with no real agenda
the kids were content to hang out in their pajamas till morning was almost over

when I went to walk my black dog brutus I decided to go for a run instead
still not having a new pair of running shoes I wore my goofy Oakley Assault shoes
got some new laces for these shoes I got on a deal from a friend at Oakley
the hightops made pretty good sense for this cold icy morning where slipping was sure to be part of the day

depending how the trail faced the sun decided the amount of snow or ice that remained from snow a few days back
the route I took on the Roosevelt Trail towards the backside of the ampitheater at Carter Barron was pretty well snow covered

my pace was steady
on the hills I did not fight to maintain pace
I accepted a slow long stepping... not walking... but not keeping my pace
as I passed Pulpit Rock I saw a man with his camera and his dogs
brutus was called avoid any Call of the Wild encounters

by the turn around to head back I was feeling a pretty solid flow
at the backside of Carter Barron I saw what looked like some log formation for some bicycle skills riding
I kept my speed towards home
up ahead was a great dane
I bent down and held brutus' colar as we passed this very very large dog
brutus has a bit of a small dog syndrome
a horse size dog like that can bring out a weird response from my submissive mutt

we passed without incident
a hearty hello was shared as we each held our dogs
a smile was shared as I joked about my insecure pup
as I went to free brutus we dropped in on a slide grade down towards the creek
paying closer attention to the dogs than the trail I tripped
already leaned over holding the colar of my dog I went over the falls

gracefully I slammed and spun
landed on my feet after I slammed and rolled on my elbow and hip
my new friend with the big dog asked if I was okay
still moving I shouted back... I am a bit embarrassed but I am okay

the run continued on the trail along side the creek
where the trail crosses the road I stopped and made sure things were clear
with the dog at my side and things clear as far as the eye could see in both directions I crossed
around the curve a car came screaming at me
screaming at a speed that is unlikely achieved after stopping at the stop sign around the curve

unsure where my dog was at I blocked the path of the car
the speeding car wanted to swerve around me rather than stop
not knowing where exactly my dog was I could not let the car pass
I spread my arms out and moved in a way that obstructed the ignorant asshole rushing no where fast

the car stopped
my dog was shivering behind me
my heart was racing
I crossed the street safely
the asshole behind the wheel grinded his gears and he got things rolling again
then for some reason he worked through the gears as fast as he could before he got to the stop sign 60 yards down the road
bmw... fricken assholes and their bmws

I daydreamed what would have happened if this man had stepped out his car
ah... bmw... the obnoxious driver's machine

got back from my run feeling pretty okay
the boys were still in the pajamas
I was still feeling some hate for the man in his Beamer
a neighbor called inviting the boys over to connect with the Nintendo DS devices
the call from the neighbor got the boys to change
with the boys occupied at a friends' I had time for an errand

rode across town to a friend's house
slammed down the stairs at Malcom X Park
over to a friend's house
mission accomplished
rode back home snapping shots along the way

got home to a madhouse
the kids had returned home
my kids and three other kids
big oak blocks and thomas track everywhere
not an inch of carpet within view

not looking to abandon the situation I responded to a call for help
a friend needed me to help him pick up a couch
he borrowed a van and picked me up
I aided in moving a couch and then got home

I got home to more blocks and more trains and the additon of Matchbox cars
the kids were resolving all their issues on their own
so I worked with my images and played on the computer
then I prepared dinner
when I say prepared dinner I mean that I dialed the phone and ordered some pizza

it was a good day
after dinner I dashed into work
busy day... very busy day...
had to finish some stuff that did not get finished last week

relaxing now
hopefully we can do the ice skating tomorrow that we wanted to do today!

the photo banner at the top is of the fountain in Malcolm X Park
the image was stolen from this NPS Rock Creek Park activities page

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