green tea versus coffee

GREEN TEA VERSUS COFFEE yes... I am going to try and swap out my coffee consumption for green tea not across the board but at least in the afternoon health benefits it also will save me a buck some green tea at my desk with some honey versus the purchase at the coffee shop I will still drink a recreational afternoon coffee for taste and pleasure from time to time I like the taste of an afternoon coffee yes... I enjoy an afternoon tea but I also enjoy an afternoon coffee

with kids in the house
we have juice in the house
I drink way too much juice
I drink juice when I need water
water is what I need


Icon O. Classt said...

Coffee's may have an undeserved bad rep. New evidence suggests coffee consumption is assoicated with reduceed risk of Parkinson's disease, liver cancer, gallstones and diabetes. Plus, can't beat the buzz, baby!

That tea, if you put honey in it, may not be such a good substitute, assuming you take your coffee black. Just sayin'...

I like tea, but I can't drink it every day like I do coffee. Plus, if I give it up, it might set me down that slippery slope to giving up beer. Then where would I be?

fridrix said...

Green tea, black tea, coffee---drink what you want. They all have antioxidants. Water is not all that great. You can also get coffee in little teabags if you want to be cheap.