a hamster in another life?

a hamster in another life?
stole this from some folks in Oregon here... jbraetzke.blogspot.com
short video of this man inside a tire

SMASHING PUMPKINS: rat in a cage
((I was always let down by the Smashing Pumpkins... as I had figured that their name was seasonal; Burning Christmas Trees, Blood Covered Valentines, Biting the Heads of Chocolate Bunnies))


Anna Kelso said...

I think someone should start marketing large gerbil balls for babies...you know those big plastic balls...they could just roll around the house completely unsupervised.

gwadzilla said...

you are onto something
and you would know the adrenalin junkies... those would be the ones that keep bouncing down the stairs
great marketing idea
get some good insurance
have some good warnings on the package
people are stupid
people are litigious