I remember a story...

I remember a story from when in high school...

when I was in high school I heard a story from a friend that a friend of theirs got in trouble for something or somewhat for doing this or doing that
the specifics are less than a blur
but at the time I am certain that there were specfics and that the specifics were shared as specifics are always requisite for a story to be believable

in any case...
the skeleton of the story is that this girl got in trouble for something which suspended her for a day
on her way off the dc private school campus she snagged the american flag from the flag pole
then she made good use of her day away from school
during this day she crafted that american flag into an a pair of american flag jeans
then was bold enough to wear the american flag pants
pants made from a flag that was stolen from the campus the day prior

in modern day I have come to know through various circles a woman who was this girl's best friend for most of high school
perhaps she can verify

at the time I thought this was the most punk thing I had ever heard of
the skeptic in me questioned a high schooler's ability to sew a pair of jeans
as well as knowing that this school was private I wondered if there was a uniform... or at least a dress code
the story never had the power to be anything close to an urban legend
but on a local level it does have its myth potential

I hear that this girl who had sewn the american flag pants is now a lawyer
statute of limitations

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