just another day...

today was just another day
nothing really different about today
nothing special about today

I woke slowly as I usually wake up slowly
the mornings are not my time of day
late nights make for tough mornings

sipped my coffee as I issued orders to my boys to get dressed
demanding to for them to finish getting dressed rather than continue playing
as per usual my words get ignored
puzzles and plastic dinosaurs were on the forefront of their minds

lisa moves through the mornings with greater efficiency
the morning is her time just as the night is mine
lisa is early to bed early to rise
like a drill seargent she organizes the troops
my sloppy efforts are pulled together by her grand sense of order

offering up options of cereal or granola bars I poured two small glasses of orange juice
I leashed up the dog as the boys ate their breakfast
walked the dog for a short loop then rode my bike into work
rode the franken fixie so I rode without the camera dangling around my neck

at lunch I snapped a few photos of some people and their bicycles as I walked around town
grabbed a bowl of french onion soup and minestrone for lunch
took shelter in my office and ate inside away from the cold

after work I went for a short spin on the recently repair franken fixie
just went out for an hour or so around town
avoiding the hazards of traffic by rolling on the mount vernon trail for a stretch
was over dressed... was crazy over dressed
the lobster claws were above and beyond
and the balaclava.... even the light weight option was not needed
especially with the current thickness of my beard

there were very few people on the trail
no runners... just a few bicycle commuters coming out of the city as I headed back into the city
most of the cyclists I passed were dressed similarly
I wondered if they felt over dressed as well

the recently reassembled franken fixie is still in the break in period
the cranks seem to be on pretty solid after I had to replace the crank bolt on the drive side
the grips seem to be holding after the maiden voyage mishap
the handlebars managed to rotate awkwardly out of place
not sure if I need a larger shim or if the bars just need to be tightened more

my pace was easy
still sore from several ice skating sessions over the holiday weekend
also trying to refamiliarize myself with the fixie
the fixed gear has never been my second nature
the fixed gear will never be my second nature

I rolled down into the alley behind my house skidding on some leaves right
behind my house
a cheaters track skid
it is almost dark... I got home just before dark
an hour on the bike was not only enough
it was all that my lightlessness could afford

got home and hung with the family
delayed the walk with the dog until after dinner with the wife and the kids

strapped on a headlamp and headed into the woods with the dog
listened to the sounds of the city for a bit
watched the line of car commuter tail lights feeding out of the city
then extended the loop as I took a phone call from a friend

just a regular day
nothing to blog about


Sydney Body Art Ride said...

Hey Gwadzilla,

Here's some theme music for your "Just another day" post. It's shot here in my hometown of Sydney where it never ever snows.
Greetings from down under


fridrix said...

The minestrone wasn't in the same bowl as the french & onion soup was it? It sounds like you must have had more than "a" bowl. Maybe there was a cup involved?