the little prince and lessons on dating

the little prince

you do not need to read french to meet your mate
you do not even need to read a book
you can just sit back and watch the movie of the little prince

not easy enough
there is a Cliff Notes version of the little prince and lessons on dating
easy enough

go to youtube...
on youtube...

the taming of the fox

the snake in the grass

the little prince on the wiki page
that is in english
but I am sure you could get it in french if you want to show off

*of course this is all theory
as I have been old and married way too long to know about the world of dating
but this is an old book and an old movie
so I seem to recall there being some relevance

**often I make these posts as messages to myself to finish a thought
so that I can follow the tangent
so I can follow the links and read the story or watch the film
I just returned and watched the two clips
the two clips are wonderful
in this case I was well entertained
the notion of trust is more abstract than I had remembered

the rose... the rose

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