marion jones gets sentenced

Marion Jones on BBC News
apparently she got a little slap on the wrist

what would be the right sentence?
it is hard to say
as this is a unique form of stealing
her actions were a little more than a falsehood on her resume


fatmarc said...

she actually got the harshest sentence for what she was convictied of.. it was noted that it was highly unusual for anyone to get any jail time for what she did, but the judge took the opportunity to make a statement about dopers.

not a judgement of the judge one way or the other just a statement that I read on the news.

I always thought, and still think she is beautiful.

a cheater, but beautiful none the less.


gwadzilla said...


I did not really follow it

basically her violation was perjury

she was not being tried for embarrassing the nation

now if I were a college that paid her to speak
or maybe some corporation that had her show up at some banquet of function
well... I would either demand my money back
or demand that she come back and tell a more fitting speech

a speech about choices
the choice between right and wrong

she had a chance to be a roll model
but she dropped the ball
she could still give this a happy ending

definitely beautiful enough to play herself in a movie version of her life

the reality...
she was not alone in what she did
she did not do these things alone
there were trainers and coaches at some level

this is a house of cards
it amazes me that it has not fallen yet

I think she could have won without cheating

there is the thing about this all being embarrising to the nation and the world

I wonder if a clean athlete could file a civil suit

imagine working your whole life to go to the olympics
coming close
maybe a hundredth of a second close
then not going
because there was someone fastter at that college meet or whatever
not being the best
not making that window of opportuinity
life takes a different path

can you sue for not having the other path offered to you because of the person who won got those opportunities
while that person who won cheated

the original big ring said...

glad to see her thrown in jail - though I'm sure she won't do all of her time - like the Paris, Brittney, and other Holywood trash who know the right people and strings to pull - two levels of punishment for crime, punishment for the everyday person and punishment (slap on the wrist) for celebs.

gwadzilla said...

it is all very confusing...

there is no real justice in this world

the death penalty for a murderer does not bring the dead back to life

and four months in a low security country club prison will not reverse history

we have learned from our leaders that we do not need to be forthcoming with the truth

Clinton dodged the question with clever word usage
Bush mislead the American people

the time of George Washington coming forward with admission of guilt about chopping down the cherry tree has long since past