nice rims...

nice rims


Peter said...

yeah, but it's the matching bar tape that makes the look.

gwadzilla said...

Mr. Funk-


my guess....

they bought the frame and built the bike up
not sure if the fork is stock either

glad you are tuning in

maybe people will check these comments and read your DIFFERENT HOURS blog from years past

I know the topic would be interesting to some

how is work?
how is life?


neufcent9 said...

Funny to open a link sent from a friend and see a picture of myself...

Much of the setup is stock, and a lot of the customization was done by the guy I bought the bike from a few months ago -- god bless craigslist.

My recent mods were the handlebars and brake lever since it came with standard road bars with drops; I like the bullhorn style better for those times you stand to crank through an intersection or up a hill.

Ride on!

gwadzilla said...

the bull horns are a nice set up

flipping the classic drops and sawing them down was a favorite modification of mine over the years