peter townsend was born in 1945

peter townshend was born in 1945

when I saw the who in 1982 I was in 9th grade
I felt like the who was not making music for me anymore
I felt like the who was a bunch of old guys who used to be cool

I may have bought the album It's Hard
I never really gave it much of a listen
although I was coin operated video game addict
the album did not appeal to me
my tastes were drifting
eminence front was one of the few tunes that grabbed me

it was a transition for me
my sister had defined quite clearly the difference between a concert and a show
at the who concert as a 9th grader I decided that I wanted to see music on the level of shows not concerts

live music on a more intimate level

I had missed the eras of the who that I had the greatest love for
to me these guys were an old version of some young guys I thought were cool
I am now three years older than Peter Townshend was when I saw him perform at the Capital Center in 1982

that youtube video is recent
now the who are actually old
they still rock!

was much later on the dc scene
mark sullivan had that roger daltrey bravado
part david lee roth... part roger daltrey
okay... add a sprinkle of bob marley

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Steve said...

I saw the Who at the Virgin Festival two summers ago -- they rocked! But even though they played some new songs, it was still a concert of another time. Made me feel like a 15-yr old again.