rainy sunday morning

it is a rainy sunday morning
good thing I got on dirt yesterday
cause dirt may not be the best option today
and well... the road thing does not entirely appeal to me

put Jamis Single Speed on the Element and zipped out to Wakefield with Cargo Mike
but not without a stopping off in Shirlington to grab Jonathan
the same Jonathan that I teamed up with for the 12 Hours of Lodi Farms last year
the same Jonathan who I botched the transition with at Lodi Farms last year

race report from last year's lodi farms event

it was a good day on the bike
but... I fear that I may have psyched myself out
the ride on the Surly Karate Monkey Single at Rosaryville had certain elements of oneness with the bike which I was not able to recreate on the Jamis Exile
the Jamis does not feel as good between my legs as the Monkey

is it mental or is it a shorter top tube?

do I need a longer stem or should I seek out a larger frame?
what is the single speed that the big guys ride?

either way it as good t get out on the bike
it was warmer then expected once at the trailhead
some parts of the trail were muddier than expected
we tried to loop on the dry sections of trail
but we crossed over plenty of mud and muck
lots of people were riding through the mud and the muck

jonathan and cargo mike were each clearing obstacles and riding barriers that I went around
that did not aid in my mental state
I think I need to get some of those skills
as I feel I am missing out on some of the fun

it was a good day on the bike
good riding with good people
a fine way to spend a saturday afternoon

that night... lisa and I took the boys to Chinablock downtown
the boys enjoy the energy of the city
I enjoy Peking Duck
it works out for everyone
except the guy in the window at Chinatown Express
cause after we watch him make the noodles
we head down the block to a different place

photo taken in Georgetown when loading up the car with Cargo Mike

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