Rosaryville: Saturday's Ride

friday night I got a call
it was kent asking if I were interested in riding
there was the mention of some road then some talk about dirt
the notion of a dirt ride appealed to me

we paused the conversation
I asked my wife... lisa gave me the green light to ride

green light GO!

saturday morning I loaded the Jamis Exile single ontop of the Honda Element and drove just outside of the district to PG county
met up with kent, jonathan, and cargo mike at rosaryville
everyone on their single speed other than kent with his gears

the pace was strong
for the most part the ground was frozen
things got squirrelly where things had thawed
sliding out was part of the fun... oh party

riding was the right thing to do
my body and soul were refreshed after we finished two fast laps and a cruise through the man made stuff in the interior
kent and mike were the only ones taking advantage of the log rides
jonathan was fighting a cold while I was keeping my wheels where I felt they belonged... on dirt

rosaryville is not gambril, but it is better than a road ride
IMBA has groomed Rosaryville into one fluid roller coaster ride
if only we could get IMBA to offer some of its attention to Fort Dupont/Fort Circle

the ride was not epic, but it was pretty darn righteous
legs and lungs got worked
my body was soaked head to toe with sweat even though I dressed light for the 27 degree ambient temperature

there should be more days like this

IMBA Rosaryville
Youtube: Rosaryville

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