Single Speed World Championships NAPA 08

Single Speed World Championships in NAPA 08
the California time midnight registration had people up at random hours all over the world
here on the east coast the time line had it as such that 3am was our time to hit send
hit send than cross our fingers
we all crossed our fingers and held our breath until we got a response

Dear John Letters were popping up in email boxes all over
days later people were telling me the details of the rejection note
there were several people that were rejected
it was longer before I heard of any invites
then I got a message in the Inbox... it was an invite from the hosts of SSWC08

today I created a PAYPAL account and made my registration final

now some planning...
how do I orchestrate this?
ah... there is time
ticket prices don't jump up until 14 days before the event


Peter said...

Perhaps I'll be seeing you here in lovely California for the anti-world championship that is now just another really big race.

P Funk

gwadzilla said...

maybe someone could host the anti-anti world championship

I could image that there are about 800 people who could be interested

Carson Blume said...

Pics from the sswc08 here carsonblume.blogspot.com