skateboarding is not a crime


Schorsch said...

Sorry, I gotta call BS on this one. It's not a crime to ride whatever wheeled thingy you want, but railslides are a crime. Somebody has to pay for the destroyed, chipped, and blackened benches, rails, and public art around my university. That's the rest of us tax and tuition payers. This place is getting ratty and ugly because of Skateboarders and BMXers.

gwadzilla said...

I hear ya...

like the erosion caused by free riding
the lines they create that were not lines before

since I can not skate
it really is not an issue for me
I have other moral dilemmas

Roman Holiday said...

This reminds me of the good old days. We used to jumped into pools, etc., but we always left the places nicer than we found them. There needs to be more sk8 parks. More sk8 parks = less crime, therefore, sk8boarding is not a crime.