slow computers and slow connections suck

slow computers and slow connections suck
I hate having to look at the hourglass on a pc
or that swirly spiral that I have on my mac
it is plain and simple
slow computers and slow connections suck

here is a little resolve that would help things to a certain degree
or at least it would make a good number of men less anxious or impatient as they wait
instead of the hourglass of the swirly spiral there could be a little woman
a little woman with an hourglass figure
that little woman could be dancing or touching herself
or for other people maybe the dancing cat
I am not a cat person

maybe with this alteration people would not mind waiting so much
anything would be better than that spinning hourglass or that swirly spirally thing

with caller id I will know if it is Steve Jobs or Bill Gates calling to give me all sorts of money for my idea...


Icon O. Classt said...

Brilliant idea. I suggest the icon be modeled after Jakki Degg.

BTW, that swirly spiral is known as the "spinning beach ball from hell.

specwick said...

That would be nice, and it would be nice also if people just could learn patience, quick hookup is just more marketing, one still gets hooked up. What was the saying, patience is a ver.....