some photos from this brisk dc morning

hey... I know her
that is illana
we are on the same mountain bike team

would it be cheaper if they had a tandem


Rocky6 said...

I met her at DCCX. She rode in the women's group that started a couple minutes after the men's novice group. I think she passed me and then she may have lapped me again. That was cool.

But it's "Llana," yes?

gwadzilla said...

yes... Illana the Iguana

Cycle Jerk said...

It was 18 degrees in Sligo Creek last night! I am just starting to justify my way too warm winter clothes. :)

gwadzilla said...


when walking the dog this am it was brisk
maybe 20
so I suited up for such on the bike

after work I left out ready for some tundra

the lobster claw gloves and balaclava were so beyond what I needed in the afternoon sun

I am about to read that Bike Hugger link that I found on your page


good stuff