squalid... I think this era introduced me to the term squalid


I need to see this film again
I have not seen this film since 1984

in high school we lived in a pre-cable era
technology wise we were pre-dvd
heck... we were pre-cd
dvd? people were still arguing over VHS versus Beta
and very few people had cable

we would dub these films and share them with our friends
then we would watch the same films over and over and over and then over again

Suburbia, DOA (the documentary... the dennis quaid one was cool too) Mad Max, Road Warrior, A Clockwork Orange, The Hunger, Quadrophenia, what else was there?
I know there were others

oh yea, Flea from the Chilli Peppers was in Suburbia


specwick said...

And Skater videos! Hair cut? hair cut? You want a hair cut? Flea's great line in that movie, plus his rat. Were da Red Hot... Chili... Peppers!
And rocked da late 80's!

GhostRider said...

Don't forget Repo Man...a bit later than 1984 (it came out in '86, as far as I can remember).

gwadzilla said...

Future Primative... Bones Brigade...
and definitely Repo Man
what else revolved in the queue?

here is something spooky for ya

oh... Friday Night Videos

GhostRider said...

I just thought of a couple others:

Decline of Western Civilization, Vol. 1...and "Another State of Mind", the documentary that followed Social Distortion and Youth Brigade on their tour:


gwadzilla said...

and of course... Blade Runner

scroll down a few sentences
I linked to Another State of Mind Just bellow