straight edge

straight edge as defined on the Wiki Page
minor threat on youtube

it is curious to me
there are some people around town who are straight edge
so much of it makes sense
it just does not sound as fun

the other night after the DCMTB team meeting cargo mike and kent stopped by
we each had a drink and caught up
I had a gift for kent and paula... some old cross country skiies
something to decorate their west virginia mountain cabin
some beautiful wood... even bamboo poles

after kent left cargo mike stayed for another beer
we started talking about this and that
then I pulled out a box of records
it had been years since I had looked at my old vinyl

cargo mike looked down at the Teen Idles 7 inch... the first Dischord record
then it occurred to me
cargo mike is post vinyl
he may have read about this vinyl and the dischord history
he may have heard it on cd or through file sharing
but he most never saw it on vinyl
vinyl is from his parent's era

in the sleeve of one of the Minor Threat seven inches was the ticket stub from the Punk Funk spectacular
when Minor Threat played with Trouble Funk at the Landsburgh Culture Center
that show ranks in my top five music experiences


riderx said...

Funny you should mention that...

gwadzilla said...

very interesting...

sorry about the shortage of golden tickets

coachmike said...

hey! You are not giving me enough credit, I have lots of vinyl. You are right that I had not seen most of your records. It is interesting that punk still embraces that medium to this day.