that is an interesting little car

that is an interesting little car

the movement to smaller vehicles is a logical one

people in the city could move to a completely urban only machine

maybe short travel only...


Rocky6 said...

These things are all over Europe, coming here this year I believe: http://smartusa.com/

dc2wheel said...

Don't think that's a Smart - I'm pretty sure it's an E-ride: http://www.e-ride.com/
They're electric and only have a top speed of 25mph. The Smart is still internal combustion, will hit 90mph. I'm kinda unimpressed they'll only get 33MPG in the city though.

Rocky6 said...

Yes, you're right dc2. Poor pronoun usage on my part.

Strange how contemporary hybrids and other "fuel-efficient" cars are only getting mileage achieved in a wide variety of cars 30 years ago.

Consumers need to tone down their horsepower demands to allow mileage to increase.