this kid's camera schools mine

this kid's camera schools mine
I think that he is a skater who also shoots skate photography

he should keep a photo skate blog

what is the best blogger interface?
is it blogger at blogger dot com?
I am happy with blogger
but if someone were to start blogging today
where would be the best place to start?

skate photography is cool
if I were to photography something other than people and their bikes I would shoot photos of people with their dogs
which may take me to the dog walker
another photo ethnography

the dog walker without their dog

I had seen that bike locked there
it was curious to me that it was locked up there
looked too clean to locked up there over night
turns out it is locked there as he walks the dogs
which he walks each day

I was on completely the other side of town when I saw the guy who I was used to seeing walking those guys
that older guy with the reddish blonde hair

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specwick said...

I believe this is John. He was the door man @ da Warehouse Next Door. Nice guy.