those are some freaky-ass-wheels!

those are some freaky-ass-wheels!


Jim said...

Hey Gwadz. Amazing, a picture of Kevin's car.

It brings to mind the paradox that I've heard from critical theorists more than once, "the observed gazes back at the observer, altering the perception of observer and observed alike. No longer oppressed by the observer's hegemonic gaze, the observed looks back, employing a revolutionary tactic of resistance." That there's some deep ass shit.

Unfortunately, I haven't a clue what it means. Alls I know is I'm glad Kevin is out there, rockin' the scene.

gwadzilla said...

not sure
Heisenberg Principle
bet Spearman from Wrenching in the Gears could set me straight

I thought it was a fun shot
I captured not only the car
but that bike with the very small wheels


in college I did an independent study using Participant Observations
White Collar Kamikazes:The Culture within the Industry of the DC Bicycle Messenger

or something to that effect

Jim said...

Yeah, all jokes aside there is a serious question about whether observing someone establishes some kind of relationship with them, and whether this alters their (or your) behavior. Serious artists have tried to grapple with this in a variety of ways, painting from candid photos, painting pictures through keyholes, doing pictures while sitting in between two mirrors, getting infinite perspectives. There's always that problem of trying to figure out what to convey, and whether the artist is able to properly convey reality, or even the artist's own perspective of it, accurately. Jeremy Bentham discussed the power of the surveillant over the surveilled and of course devised the panopticon and Foucault had some interesting considerations later on, not all of which I agree with but generally an interesting take on the subject. Less serious folks - more fatuous po-mo artists and straight critical theory types (as distinct from those who were also serious students of history like Foucault) - have applied a whole lot of neo-marxist theory to the idea that the onlooker can oppress the observed with a gaze, which is kind of a load of crap considering that a savvy onlooker - say a drunk unemployed steelworker in Manchester, England, is liable to glass you for "oy, you lookin' a me, mate?" Anyhow... the idea of the photographer photographed, or at least his car, raised a whole series of interesting considerations for me, not least of which is, what the hell does Kevin do when he's not riding, spectating, or taking pictures of riders and spectators? I haven't a clue and will ask him next time I see him.

Icon O. Classt said...

Yeah, close enough with the Heisenberg PoU.

Jim, you left out upskirt shots. ;)