an Urban Mountain Bike Park... thinking outside the box... thinking outside the woods

an urban mountain bike park
this is thinking outside the box
this is thinking outside the woods

this is in Seattle
this should happen in DC

story in The Daily:UofWA paper
an archive story in Seattle Pi on the same park

there are places for people to play volleyball, kickball, and basketball
but no place to ride a bicycle
not on the street...
not on the sidewalk...
not in the city parks

go figure


specwick said...

That is cool. We sure could use one. Philly has a skate park under a bridge like that, so I don't see why DC couldn't have one.

Cloud said...

That is *cool*. Friends of mine used to have something like this, but more subtle, under the unfreeway in Albany (near Berkeley/Oakland). Then they moved and started an organic farm...