yes... I should be ashamed

I should be ashamed
it is true
I should be ashamed

yes... I should be ashamed

in recent time my blogging has really morphed into an obsession
an obsession to hit publish and post
in recent times I have become so unbalanced with my ratio of READ:WRITE with blogging
there was a time when I really enjoyed reading a long list of blogs
but my compulsion to press PUBLISH AND POST takes up so much time I have little time for reading the thoughts of my fellow cyclists

I should be ashamed
like that self absorbed prick at the party that talks and talks and talks (yes, I can be that guy too) I have forgotten that the ratio of MOUTH TO EAR is ONE:TWO which interestingly enough is what should be the ration of talking to listening

tonight I have had a few minutes to catch up on some stuff

bikecentric has filled the void well with all sorts of information, inspiration, and even a sweet mountain bike short
a film by 144productions or something to that effect
I am not positive, but I think it is called The Perfect Monday

also caught up with Wrenching in the Gears
Icon O Classt sure knows a lot of big words

tried going over to Blue Colar MTB
but I got scared
the new look looks like it could lock me in to cool new stuff for hours
while I just want to stay up for another 32 minutes
so I will play with some images I took on my way home from work
Blue Colar MTB looks SWEET!
I will have to go back when I have a chunk of time

and I want to play with these pictures
the photos can be part of the compulsion


gwadzilla said...

there are so many other blogs that I do frequent
there are also many blogs that I need to get back into the rotation

I also need to rebuild my links
but all that is work

work that takes time
time that I do not have

Arleigh said...

you saw I write for BC right?

gwadzilla said...

yes... Arleigh Jenkins is writing for Blue Colar MTB now!


I remember when