another shot of the dropping sun at hains point over the awakening

the awakening at hains point
another shot from last week rather than a shot from today

today I met iconoclasst to make a transfer of the masks

the light was overcast
the sculpture was crowded
not crowded enough to create an interesting shot
as I would not mind a tour group of 75 kids mauling the old man's head
on this day it was just a smattering of kids and people playing photographer
lots of tripods... lots of kids... no real shot potential

I was pleased that I was not looking to capture that perfect photo of THE AWAKENING before it gets unearthed and moved this approaching wednesday

iconoclasst and I spun our fixies up to mount pleasant for some coffee then a short hike with the dog in the woods

I am curious if iconoclasst got any good shots before I arrived

the hand seems so live in this light that I can anticipate the thumb and the index finger pinching the sunlight
I wait for the pinch motion so I can capture things the moment before the pinch blocks out the sun

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