backwards circles...

after a gratuitous track skid with no audience
this morning commuter poses for the camera with some backward circles
nice skills
nice style

cyclists are hot
safety is sexy


jenn dp said...

Safety is sexy ! My picture looks rad, I'm so glad I met you.

when the weather's nicer you should come session with me and my friend zach attack.

there will be plenty of attempts at wheelies, skids with one foot over the handlebar and other fixie tricks.

gwadzilla said...

fixie is not my thing

when the weather is nicer I hope to be on dirt on my mountain bike

no tricks there

I guess tricks are not my thing

when the weather is nicer I would love to meet up with you guys to snap some photographs

Icon O. Classt said...

Whoa, is that "Zach Attack" Zack Mully by any chance? Rides an IRO?

gwadzilla said...

I will google him...

should I expect to find more references to him on YOUTUBE, the WIKI Page, or reviewing books on Amazon dot com

Icon O. Classt said...

Actually, my question was directed toward Jenn.

Mully is a buddy of mine from DC. Not famous that I know of. Well, personally famous, ha.

jenn dp said...

No my zach attach is actually a cyclone, aka "zach with the mustache" Zach Storm, he rides a baby blue '93 cannondale track bike, with an aerospoke. sorry he isn't zach mully.