Beach Drive... Rock Creek Park

Beach Drive...
Rock Creek Park...
The Capital Crescent Trail

these are a few of my favorite things...

the day played out such that I was able to get out on the bike
it was not planned... it just happened
to make this happen I piggybacked the notion of family time with bicycle time

stealth training or just hanging with the family?

it was just grant and dad as lisa and dean were out skiing
we were joined by my friend and neighbor chris

the speed was not high

the statistics of a power tap are over my head
hill repeats or intervals are not how I think
but I am confident that a thirty mile ride with a strongly built four year old in a trailer constitutes as a solid workout

I rode with the camera dangling around my neck
I was not focused on snapping shots

focused on snapping... I made a funny
there were a few instances that would have caused me to slow and snap had I not been with my friend chris and had I not had my son in the burley behind me

wore the camera thinking I may see the boys from dcmtb
sure enough
early in my ride I ran into an abbreviated pack
they said hello then they recoiled to retrieve some late arriving teammates

their pace was not the pace that I would try to keep with a burley trailer in tow
I am actually curious how I would have felt riding at their pace without the trailer

I said my hellos and focused on my thing

another unseasonably warm day

I was curious what the snow was like for Lisa and Dean who had traveled to Whitetail for some time on the planks

it is almost as if I had forgotten how much I enjoyed riding my bike

every time I ride my bike I am reminded how much I love riding my bike


maybe I will go with the boys to beach drive
they can bring their bikes
I can ride my skateboard
better yet... I would love to borrow my neighbors righteously long long board

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Russ said...

"every time I ride my bike I am reminded how much I love riding my bike" I get that feeling too, but more so when I am forced to drive in a car and realize I would much rather be on my bike.