buying hot sauce can be like buying wine...

buying hot sauce can be like buying wine...

you can get drawn in by the label
you can get a recommendation from a person you know
you can get it because it is available to you

Speedy's Hot Sauce

super cool label
it has the wonderful balance of flavor and fire
and it is easy to purchase

I will have to place another order soon!

which brings me to a short tangent...
does hot sauce need to be refrigerated after it is opened?
it is my understanding that it should be
I was thinking that someone needs to develop a small cooling unit about the size of a medicine cabinet
too often the none hot sauce user in the house complains about all of the hot sauces in the fridge
so.... problem solved
an attractive wall unit that nicely holds a rational variety of sauces
like a spice race for things that need to be kept cold

it sounds like a Kramer-ism
sort of like my notion that there is no need for men's socks to go higher than the ankle
unless you are wearing shin guards
catholic school girls can hang onto the knee high look

considered going for some low hanging fruit and displaying a foxy little vegas style thing dressed in some catholic school girl tarten
instead... the red hot chilli peppers who wrote the anthem; Catholic School Girls Rule
too bad it is a myth


fridrix said...

I don't think you need to chill the hot sauce due to the high acidity.

gwadzilla said...

you may be right

most restaurants store their hot sauces on the table

but I am sure that cooling would extend the life and maintain a consistent taste