this is confusing... does this video store sell bicycles?

it is 14th Street in Washington DC
this strip has come a long way
there is still some shady graymarket stuff going on
not sure if this is the owner's bike
or if there is something else going on

I have heard that there is some pawnshop shadiness happening with bikes in this same area


Ethan said...

Its not shady, a few guys who used to work at Chain Reaction and were friends with Chuck, the owner of the video shop, convinced him to let them run a bike repair shop out of the same space. Its a bit of an odd combo, but they are good guys.

gwadzilla said...


thanks for the info

next time I will roll in and take some shots on the inside

gwadzilla said...

this guy has a cool business model


Anna said...

I always wondered about that place. I pass it every day on my way to work. Oh, that reminds me of a shop in State College...it was called 3B (Bikes, Beer, and Billiards). What a combo.