dancing around the dining room

dancing around the dining room as I cleared the table and cleaned the kitchen
those darn dwarfs were right... that whistling while you work is the trick
I should try this during my 9-5!
well there was no whistling... just dancing
but the notion of a musical distraction is the same

so I danced around the dining room while I cleared the table and cleaned the kitchen
while I did this dean and grant ate their desert
after a less than impressive dinner of cantalope, lobster bisque soup, two types of crackers, two types of chedder cheese, some mango juice, some cheese quesadillas we had some desert
for desert we had some island way sorbets
a kitchy little sorbet served in the fruit shell or skin
dean got pineapple
grant got mango
I got lemon
the boys swapped the first spoonful spoons... an exchange dictated by me to avoid any excess of germs swapping
grant did not eat much of his mango or his pineapple

cooking.... then cleaning? clearing? and dancing
dancing after 3/4 of a Captain Underpants book?
guess I had some energy from not taking a ride
not taking a ride and not doing much of a hike
walked the standard loop with the dog
took a rake along with me
moved some leaves into the area where I dragged the logs with Tom yesterday
made things fill in and fit in a little better
a little rain will bring the run off towards the logs
eventually they will aid in capturing that erosion and sustaining the trail
but that is not the topic right now

yes... all this stuff is happening
maybe that coffee at 5PM is a factor... maybe... maybe

island way sorbet
the music that fueled me...

here I am blogging...
blogging while the kids bathe always ends the same
with excessive splashing and excessive soaking
I think I intercepted things before there was any leakage through for floor

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