tonight four year old grant told me he likes blue nachos
I told him that I like blue corn chips as well
grant then corrected me
"they are called blue nachos"

yes... I like blue nachos
I like the taste of blue nachos and I like the memory that blue nachos evoke

years and years ago there was this family that I adopted as my own

the siblings were my brothers and the adults were like parent's to me
I had siblings and parents
so the adoption thing is hard to explain

this family-like relationship extended for a number of years

when I lived in breckenridge I shared a garage with the youngest sibling of this family
when I visited boulder colorado I ended every ride at delilah's

the middle son was at school in boulder and worked a part time job at a small grocery store called delilah's
at delilah's I got the "family discount"
I would refuel after my mountain bike ride, my hike, or my trip to go bouldering
any of these activities ended at the same place... delilah's
blue corn chips were sometimes part of this refueling
blue corn chips and conversation

I was just passing through
the local culture intrigued me

he was more intense in his approach to sport
he loved to race his tri events... but he had a great time skiing while I snowboarding and he had a stellar time mountain biking with me when he was taking days off from the road
or mountain bike rides together are still great memories for me

this friend died too young
in the prime of his life he died as a victim of happenstance
stopped at a red light on the bike while traveling to work in Wyoming
a truck ran a red light... that truck struck a left turning vehicle
that vehicle launched into the air and landed on this man
this man lost his life
a wife lost her husband
a family lost a beloved member
so many people lost a friend

this accident was as random as a meteor dropping out of the sky

if I think about this person from time to time
I can only image the vacancy that his true family feels

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Delilah's Pretty Good Grocery
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just memories

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