gear... packs... stuff I want

stuff I want...

last night was the last night of the Banff Mountain Film Festival at National Geographic
seven year old dean and I went for our third consecutive night
while my wife lisa had to leave with four year old grant at the intermission on their consecutive night
grant and dean are not yet seven or four... but sometimes it is easier to round up
as they both seem wiser than their years

the Banff Mountain Film festival has a list of outdoor gear sponsors
at the intermission they raffle off some swag from these sponsors
lisa's ticket won the night she left early... I need to confirm if she won that same book at a Banff Film Festival a few years back
last year I won the coupon for a water filtration system or a stove... I never sent in the coupon
this year I was focused on the Deuter pack

when I emphatically shared with seven year old dean that I wanted this pack
dean responded simply... why... you have a thousand packs just like it in the basement
to this I laughed

earlier this week at the DCMTB meeting 20 members of the team were hooked up with a sweet hydration pack from Deuter
the pack is large, light, comfortable, and looks to have excellent breathablity
but... the pack I want would be used for commuting
this pack is too small for my commuting
my current pack without any of my gear is already heavy
the current camel pack is heavy and lacks any sort of ventilation
and the current pack is starting to get ripe

I did not win the pack

Banff at National Geo


Anonymous said...

you definitely want the race air pack. i've got one and it's amazing. definitely the best pack i've had for cycling with.Well at least for trail riding, it won't replace my daily use of a timbuk2 but it's a sweet pack!

the original big ring said...

my buddy has/uses that exact pack and loves it. Too big for short races, perfect for epics. Serves him well when we do long backcountry skis too.