georgia has a blog

georgia has a blog
georgia gould

found this when I was visiting tim
chatting with steve on the eve before he goes to breckenridge had me thinking about tim

I met georgia once
I am almost positive it was her
it was at the Charm City Cyclocross event in Baltimore
I was frazzled as I was registering just as it was time to line up
some pre-race jitters and too much Red Bull

I registered in my classic spastic way
I threw down some chicken scratch on the forms and made small talk as I passed my money across the table
I can be chatty
especially if the person on the other side is a cute woman

long story short... I ask this women to aid me in putting my numbers on and I go on my way
then during my race I see that same girl (excuse me... women) on her bike on the trainer at the course side
she cheered me (and everyone else) on as I passed

that same girl
only this time she was in her skin suit
she had said she was racing
but she did not say which class

georgia raced twice that day and did quite well as I recall

that is really not that interesting of a story
not sure why I keep telling it
is it to tell people about how georgia carries the spirit of the sport
or is it an effort to say that I met someone famous

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