got a shot... missed the shot

today I did not go to work
well... I rushed into work
then rushed out of work
grant was home sick and I had dad duty

on my way home from a spin through work I snapped a few shots
as I approached that invisible line between adams morgan and mount pleasant I saw the form of a cyclist
the form of a cyclist always grabs my attention

I altered my trajectory
seeking the best point to try and capture the shot
as I got closer to where I wanted to be I watched as the rider gracefully skidded to a halt in front of me
leaving a pretty long line of rubber behind her

I took a position trying to get the cyclist in the foreground and the church steeple in the background
I think I should have centered in on just the rider
accepting any background as any background

the shot lacks the emotion that presented itself

the pale green frame of unknown make or model is not close enough to inspect
in fact from this far away you can not see the piercing
heck... you can not even tell that it is a woman and not a man!


GhostRider said...

Looks like a Bareknuckle to me...they made them in a "celeste-like" color a year or two back. The straight fork blades tend to give Bareknuckles away (it's not a Bianchi, in any case).

Still a great shot -- you don't give yourself enough credit.

fridrix said...

I appreciate the vertical dimension of the picture.