hains point yesterday and today...

yesterday at hains point with the kids and the car
grant was not feeling well
which dictated the tone of our attack on The Awakening

Dean made some pretty good efforts on each piece
grant was ready to go home
we stayed for some of the falling sun

then tonight I went by again
this time on the bike
I did a half lap where I stalled with the camera
then I did an additional 2.5 laps on the small geared frankenfixie
racing the falling sun was my inspiration

the camera stayed around my neck until a long red light at 16th and K Streets

riding up 16th Street I ran the same arguements through my head as I was forced to take the full lane for stretches of road
knowing the cars pass too fast and too close
it is an executive decision
then the sidewalk as I climb past malcom x park
in shape on a bike with a bigger gear I will take the street
I have had some glorious day dream victories sprinting up that hill

like superman races the train
the urban cyclist races the metro bus, the cab, the lawyer in the beamer, and the dreaded soccer mom

the legs are feeling it
after the two sick boys went to bed my buddy tom came over with his dog hutch
we took a night hike through the woods of rock creek with the dogs
not far
just down the way and back
over past the Rockafeller House... not as far as Pulpet Rock

which brings me here
where I want to play with images
should be working on my SPOKES article
and am leaning towards a glass of wine and some television

oh... Bad Brains just entered the rotation on the iPod
maybe I will get invigorated to fight off the call of the couch
maybe I should listen to the call of the bed
a bed filled with lisa, the two boys, and the dog
no one wants to be alone when they are sick

the wine took me to the tube
Real Time with Bill Maher stole my attention from the blog

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