iShuffle for 49 Bucks!?!?!?

Apple iShuffle now only 49 Bucks!

still does not make sense to ride your bike or ski/snowboard with it
if you do... heighten your senses rather than zone out
then... when you cause a near accident... know your contribution to the situation

Apple Dot Come and the iShuffle

2005 Gwadzilla Archive... worth a look!


Icon O. Classt said...

All right, I've tried to ignore it long enough, but if you're going to continue to post that graphic, please make the verb singular! iPods...convert--no "s", baby!

--your lowly editor

gwadzilla said...

the iShuffle don't even look like that no more!

steve... if you want the quantity... the quality will have to suffer

there is no time for me to be a copy editor

it has been years since that piece was created in Photoshop
if you want to grab Bill and Ted and have an excellent adventure you can go back in time and catch me at the computer when I created it