it has been a good saturday

grant is one tough monkey to chase at the zoo

it has been a good saturday

it has been a good saturday
this morning I had my hesitations on how things would develop
while here it is the end of the day

just hung up the phone... food from City Lights of China is on its way

upstairs Grant is relaxing with The Land Before Time on the tube
while Lisa and Dean travel back from a day on the planks at Whitetail
and of course... I am blogging

it has been a good Saturday

yes, things started off a little rough in the am
my first glance at the day was beyond rough

woke in the early am as lisa and dean filed out the door with all of their gear to go skiing at Whitetail
Dean got a high five as we passed in the hall
no words... just a high five
I needed a glass of water
to talk I need coffee
I just needed a glass of water
my throat was dry and my body temperature was off
I was a bit hung over
perhaps a glass or two too much of wine
I needed to drink a glass of water and snag some more sleep before I
could attack the day

no glass for water... so, I leaned over and drank from the faucet
then headed back to grab the pillow

back in bed I fought for a comfortable position
that position was easy to find with lisa out of the bed
I abandoned my side of the bed which was occupied by a four year old boy and a ten year old dog
on lisa's side there was glorious space

not sure if a train still runs on the tracks that go over the road here

there was not much time before Grant woke and asked where mommy had gone
it was not just an issue of too much wine
there was also the issue of too little sleep
I had not gotten very much sleep... the wine kept me company as I watched some serious late night television
television after spending some time shooting the shit with my neighbor chris

it was late when I finally climbed into bed
chris and I were working on a playlist of covers for his bluegrass thing
okay we were listening to music, talking shit, and getting drunk
then I think it was bill maher... what is the point in watching if I can not remember

my ride crossed paths with a DCMTB ride that my brother had organized

it was early... earlier than I wake on a week day... earlier than I want to wake up a weekend... earlier than I want to get out of bed after a late night with the bottle
Grant and I talked about where mommy had gone and I put in a Bionicles DVD
I was able to hug the pillow for a few minutes longer before meeting up with some people for a child's birthday party at the National Zoo

there was fresh coffee brewing in the coffee pot
there is fresh coffee every morning
lisa rocks
I needed coffee... I definitely needed some coffee
some coffee and some ibuprofen

grant and I took the black dog brutus for a short walk in the woods
we did not see him poop... but I assumed he had
then grant and I walked the short city blocks to the back entrance of the zoo

the birthday party was a pleasure
it was not so much a birthday party as it was traveling about t
he zoo with a handful of families who have a child in the same day care situation
two of the teachers were there as well
it was good to meet some of the parents
it was good to see Grant interact with some of his friends
it was good to put names to the faces of the children that Grant
talks about
it was good for Grant and I to have some one on one time we do not normally get

chris getting ready for a season of tri

we were leaving out of the Zoo around noon
when Grant had to poop
Grant claimed he could not wait
he had to poop
so we walked back into the Zoo and he pooped
after he pooped we went to get some ZOO-kies (Zoo Cookies for FONZ Members) then Grant decided he wanted some French Fries
so we stayed at the Zoo for lunch

leaving out of the Zoo I called Chris from down the block
was wondering if he was as sore this morning as I was
Chris was about to head out for a ride
Grant and I piggybacked on Chris' ride

Chris accepted my pace with the trailer in exchange for some company and a road riding route that he is not familiar with

Chris and I rode a solid thirty mile loop
the pace was not that of a hammer

but I was hammering pretty hard pulling the Burly Trailer

the mormon temple

the sun has since set
Grant is watching his movie
I am blogging
we are both waiting for Chinese food and family to arrive
it was a good day

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