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watching the classic ghandi on the tube it deserves my full attention but my attention is dragging me elsewhere Bob Marley: WAR on youtube

and why not

rolling stone bob marley photos

this morning I ran into a young woman who I had captured digitally a month or so back
in our rolling conversation I asked her if she had seen her image
she had... and she liked it
she also had seen a photo of one of her friends
one where I titled it... I am am sure she is wondering what this freak is doing kneeing with the camera... or something to that effect

this morning I was in a splendid mood
the weather was a tad muggy and warm for the season.... but enjoyable
I was having a pleasant exchange with a stranger on the bike
when a car tailgated us as we rode two a breast
with this women on her bike nearly in the gutter
I was in the center of the lane... not much far left of where I feel it is most reasonable to ride
I made mention that if a car tailgated me this closely in my car I would slam on the brakes

then the car made an aggressive pass to stop at the intersection which was clearly red
I continued my conversation with the young girl on the bike from new jersey
I went around the car on the left
somehow the young women went around on the right
the car edged further and further into the crosswalk... nearly into the intersection

I rejoined my fellow commuter and waited for the light to change
she shared with me her desire to maintain a passive stance
I motioned to the line of cars backed up a block ahead

the light turned green and we progressed forward
the driver behind us still following aggressively too close
never looking past us to the blockage ahead
at the junction of 18th and N Streets we each turned right
then at Conn. Ave I went left while the young woman on the bike went straight
the car that pushed so hard to get passed us was stuck a few cars back in the queue
the same place they would have been had they gone the speed limit
the same place they would have been if they had not been behaving so aggressively around the cyclists

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