like the world is standing still...

it is like the world is standing still


fridrix said...

What a gr8 pic

gwadzilla said...

that is a great pic

last night my wife and I were taking the kids out to dinner
we had the objective of dinner, valentines day cards for the kid's class, and killing some time outside of the house

a block or two from my house I saw a bicycle coming up a dead end one way street
the rider looked a little disoriented... maybe a tad turned around... could be new to the area could be lost

lisa was driving
so I rolled down my window
as I got closer my thoughts were confirmed
it was this guy... the guy in the picture

so I lean out the window and try to tell him about this great photo that I snapped on M Street the day prior

of course he does not understand a work I say and assumes what everyone assumes when a stranger in dc approaches them
that they want to fight them or f_ck them

I wanted to do neither
I wanted him to see this photography

it is a good shot
great contrast of focus against the blur