making me dizzy...


Anna said...

so dreamy

gwadzilla said...

is a person's "hotness" measured by their skills on the bike?

today I was headed home from work early in the am to take care of grant who is home sick on his birthday with a cold

on my ride home I snapped some shots

when crossing that invisible border between Adams Morgan and Mount Pleasant I saw a cyclist flying down 16th street
as I got closer I saw that the rider was deeply commited into a trackskid

a very long glorious skid
not a good shot for a still camera
it would have been nice with motion/video

as I got closer I started to try and snap some shots of the rider in a track stand with a church steeple behind her

she was definitely cute
but I could not really see what she looked like
as I was blinded by how cool she was on the bike
she got major "hot points"

she laughed
she smiled
she did backwards circles

she scored major points

I think I got a few shots

the camera will tell if she is a troll or a supermodel

my guess... she is a cycling supermodel!

Anna said...

Bike skilz are a sign of good genetic material.

gwadzilla said...

I was not saying AZ was hot?
were you saying AZ is dreamy?

I am confused

Anna said...

He's both hot and dreamy