no desire to ride in the wind and the cold

left out of work pretty much right on time
the whistle was still screaming as I slide off the tail of the dinosaur
my body was sore
I am tired
I really did not have the energy to duke it out with the wind and the cold
so I rode to what may be the windiest and coldest part of the city
hains point


figured I could do one more pass on the point with the camera
it gave me an objective on the bike
a short distance objective
but an objective just the same
as with other nights after work I scanned the horizon
then raced the falling sun
tonight I barely caught the light before it disappeared over the horizon

no OCD would be going back to Hains Point to get the last night of night time extended exposures
honestly... I missed the shot

the should would have been the shin
the camera on the shin
then me rushing to the top to get my ghostly image burned into the wide open shutter
but no... no ocd

had a women snap my shot as I figured I needed to get on top of the knee one last time
I was shoeless and it was cold
skin is better grip than clothing
it was not pretty
but I made it to the top
in efforts past I think I had the advantage of two long steps

the area was already surrounded by some fencing
tomorrow is the day

no... I was not in love with the sculpture here
it was more than just the sculpture
it is a pretty cool spot
the sculpture gave us an excuse to go to this odd penninsula

this post was typed up last night
this morning I was scheduled to arrive into work for the late shift which gave me the time to ride by Hains Point on my way into work after dropping the boys off at school

no photo opportunity for THE AWAKENING at HAINS POINT today!
the sculpture has been pulled from the earth
then carried off on a number of flatbed trailers
by this point today... the old man is resting quietly at The National Inner Harbor just by the Woodrow Wilson Bridge
I snapped a few shots
my timing was perfect
missed the crains removing the pieces
but captured the disjointed beast ready for a funeral like procession off the penninsula


fridrix said...

Are you Amish?

gwadzilla said...

not Amish

I think that the technological limitations created by the rules of the Amish would forbid blogging

(and cars, radios, etc.)

I will read this later
now coffee


Shana said...

Hey, great pictures! I like your blog too - fun reading/picture-looking-at for a dc cycler.
- Shana, the woman who took your picture on the Giant's knee :)

gwadzilla said...

thanks for the pic shana
appreciate it