no desire to ride today...

no desire to ride today
could not find an excuse to ride today
so I rode straight in then rode straight home
each way with the camera around my neck
I guess I could have taken a cold windy ride to Hains Point to see the vacancy where The Awakening once existed
but I didn't
instead I went straight home and walked the dog
there had been a plan for ice skating with the boys at an outdoor rink
those plans got sacked
the excuse was the cold
it was not that cold
it was really due to lack of energy
which blends into lack of desire
everyone in the house has been sick in one form or the other over the last
no one is getting any good sleep
everyone is tired

tonight I plan to go to bed at a reasonable hour

this morning when I left out for work I noticed that the frankenfixie had a flat
so I changed my shoes with SPDs to shoes with TIME cleats and grabbed my Nova cyclocross bike
in addition to needing some sleep
my bikes are in need of some wrenching
just got some parts... need to put those parts on the bike
and I need to go to the dentist

tonight there is a dj spinning at bourbon in adams morgan
a dj spins somewhere every night
I need to sleep

after a pretty standard hike with the dog
I hung with the boys
tomorrow is dean's share day
share day is escentially show and tell

I printed off some photos of The Awakening for him
Hains Point and The Awakening was not just a
theme for me over the last week
The Awakening was a theme for the whole family

I wish I could be a fly on the wall for Dean's Share Day presentations
much like his father this child is not much for prep... he likes to go in and wing it
guess some personality traits are genetic
I tried to explain the values of preparation then I did a few presentations from Dean's perspective
he was amused... but he is going to do it his way
this kid does not like to follow the script

there was also some guidance on the homework, some snacks, a few kids books, then a massive Nerf battle... NERF GUNS A BLAZING!
mom got home and stole the show as usual

we gathered for an informal dinner then some more books
now the boys are watching a bit of A Toy Story
there pajamas on
in a few minutes I will need to start the migration upstairs
then if I could only hypnotize them to sleep

I need to take out the trash and get something from the garage before I head upstairs to put the kids to bed
I might slip into my PJs as well

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