the pink bike is now reserved for the super cool

the pink bike is now reserved for women or the super cool
this kid has the street cred to pull it off

but other than that
the pink bike has gone the way of the faux hawk
hold on... the faux hawk was never cool

son to citybikesmike


Echelon said...

thanks for buying the young lad a trek!

D A N O said...

I am in the process of bringing pink back.

gwadzilla said...

the lad is not mine
that is mikek's kid

city bikes does not do trek

it is a Jamis

it is not being bought
if the front door were to be opened
it would have been stolen

gwadzilla said...


and trek
I have no issue with trek, specialized, or whomever

I am a big fan of the bicycle out of a box

a custom trike would be expensive
Ti is awesome
but does a child need a Ti tricycle?

it would be sweet
maybe MOOTS will come out with one

Matthias [aka cerrotorre] said...

My pink "super cool":

gwadzilla said...

I like pink...
I like pink bikes

I dig that shot of the bicycle being cupped by the hand

I bet Eric Roman would say it is okay if we ride pink bikes